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We use a telescopic gutter-cleaning wand to brush out the gutter and anything that accumulates in it, including dirt, pine needles, twigs, leaves and other small debris. We also take the time to check for any clogs or blockages at each downspout.

Once the guttering system is clear of debris, we blow off the surface of the roof. It removes any dust particles that our equipment may have kicked up during the washing routine. Our gutter cleaner assures everything looks great before finishing up the service call.

Why should professionals like us
clean your gutters?

Gutters play a major role in the protection of your home. When your guttering is clogged, water can damage your foundation and interior areas, resulting in expensive repairs that often go unseen. We can also use gutter cleaning cameras to help us spot any intrusions or blockages which may be causing headaches for you.

Having your gutters cleaned by UP NORTH WINDOW CLEANING is giving you a complete gutter system checkup while your gutters are being cleaned out!

Clean gutters help prevent gutter system blockages which can lead to gutter overflow.

It will also improve the appearance of your home or business.

It reduces potential breeding areas for mosquitos, rodents and other pests.

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